NSS results for Politics

The results of the 2013 National Student Satisfaction Survey are out today. The full data are contained in huge .xlsx files on HEFCE’s website.

Here, though, are the tables for overall satisfaction for all 77 first-degree awarding institutions in the field of politics.


Congratulations to Buckingham and Huddersfield — and not a bad performance there from my own institution.

Update: The above results show the percentage who agree or strongly agree with the statement, “Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the course”. One can, of course, create a score giving 1 point to strong disagreers, 2 to disagreers, 3 to neutrals, 4 to agreers, and 5 to strong agreers — in which case the results are as follows:


One thought on “NSS results for Politics

  1. Surprised my university isn’t higher given the lengths they went to trying to get people to fill out the survey. They even stapled NSS leaflets to the January exam result printouts of those who did well in an attempt to boost scores…

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