Dyadic representation in a Westminster system

Public Opinion

Chris Hanretty

Ben Lauderdale

Nick Vivyan


August 1, 2016


Is policy representation in contemporary Westminster systems solely a function of programmatic national parties, or does the election of legislators via single-member districts result in MPs whose policy positions are individually responsive to public opinion in their constituencies? We generate new measures of constituency opinion in Britain and show that, in three different policy domains and controlling for MP party, the observed legislative behavior of MPs is indeed responsive to constituency opinion. The level of responsiveness is moderate, but our results do suggest a constituency-MP policy bond that operates in addition to the well-known bond between voters and parties.


The version of record is open access. You can access it here.

Replication data

You can find replication data at the Harvard Dataverse.


Hanretty, Chris, Benjamin E Lauderdale, and Nick Vivyan. 2017. “Dyadic Representation in a Westminster System.” Legislative Studies Quarterly 42 (2): 235–67. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/lsq.12148.