Fem Måder at Styre En Public-Service Institution På


Chris Hanretty


July 3, 2007


In this chapter, I provide a typology of five types of PSB governance. The five types I identify - the Northern, Parliamentary, Corporatist, French, and Residual types - are dis- tinguished by two characteristics: their board structure, and their appointments process. Each type is associated with two further characteristics: their predominant method of funding, and their way of regulating controversial political content. The clustering of these characteristics into the five types suggests links between each of the characteristics, links which may constrain the design or the implementation of PSB reform.


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Hanretty, Chris. 2007. “Fem Måder at Styre En Public-Service Institution På.” In DR Og TV2 - i Folkets Tjeneste?, edited by Martin B. Carstensen, Flemming Svith, and Per Mouritsen, 149–72. Århus: Ajour.